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The Silver Plated Gift-ware is an exclusive design of a craftsman qualified at the School of fine Arts of Venice.

We guarantee the quality of our silver to be sure we give you only the first choice.

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Silver Items

First Communion 9x13 bilaminated (Ag)

Sales price: 25,00 €

Product details

Last dinner bilaminated (Ag)

Sales price: 154,00 €

Product details

Kit Photo Frame in laminated (Ag)

Sales price: 47,00 €

Product details

Photo Frame M in laminated (Ag)

Sales price: 14,00 €

Product details

SET 5 Pz. for coffee plated (Ag)

Sales price: 492,00 €

Product details

Photo Frame in laminated (Ag)

Sales price: 20,00 €

Product details

Sacred family Q 35x35 Bilaminated (Ag)

Sales price: 148,00 €

Product details

TO SW Plated Bowl (Ag)

Sales price: 17,00 €

Product details

Sacred family Decor silver (Ag)

Sales price: 15,00 €

Product details

Photo Frame bilaminated LION (Ag)

Sales price: 28,00 €

Product details

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